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I just had a very proud and hopeful moment. Last two weeks I was a little bit stressed because of my work. So I started this morning by apologizing to my daughter (9) for the fact that I was mentally absent these last couple of weeks.

Her reaction was, “yes I did miss you a little bit, you were a lot on the phone and behind your computer, but it is okay” So she asked me “what do you exactly do for a living, you are doing different things, training and building software…..” I explained to her, we develop software to help organizations find and develop the true talent and the ambition of their employees. Most of the people don’t know what their real talent is ….. Because we currently don’t help and stimulate people in this process. Then she came with a reaction I was totally not expecting. “Why don’t you start at the root cause, than you don’t have to solve the problems.” I was a little flabbergasted by this reaction. So I asked her what do you mean? She answers, ” if this is so important than it should be part of the curriculum at school”. ? yes she is 9 years old ….

I’m so proud. At this moment I feel hopeful. This generation will solve the real problems my generation and the generation before me is incapable to solve from the root. The only thing we have to do is don’t fuck up so badly so the next generation can clean up our mess. I’m hopeful ?

Steven de Lira